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Leaking Roofs, Flat Decks, Balcony


Calling all building owners and home owners. Now is the time to repair those leaking roofs, flat decks, balcony or gutter systems. Optima Coatings WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS including bituminous DURAPOL MEMBRANES, OPTIFLASH self-adhesive membranes, Cementitious waterproofing products, POLYURETHANES and ACRYLICS are fast same day installed waterproofing systems installed by our approved contractors for our clients. DURAPOL MEMBRANES are APP modified bituminous reinforcement membranes for waterproofing & damp proofing.

This combination gives the proven waterproofing qualities of bitumen combined with plasticity, excellent resistance to heat, aging and weathering and ease of application by torch welding. Our same day applied OPTIFLASH WATERPROOFING SYSTEM range of self-adhesive bituminous membranes with any colour topcoat (ie. not only black or silver) is readily available ensuring an aesthetic finish to match your buildings or homes colour scheme.

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