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Water based protective coating


Optima Coatings was asked to specify an economical long lasting water based protective coating system for one of the largest ore terminal gantries in South Africa.

The internationally accredited and environmentally friendly low VOC OPTIRUSTBUSTA was specified in two coats ensuring a 10 year warrantee for the 350 micron dry film thickness specified.
For any of the following applications where an water based sprayable coating system is required please contact Optima Coatings.
  • Protection of steel structures like tanks, bridges, masts towers, offshore structures, Refineries, Petrochemical and Chemical plants.
  • Potable water tanks exteriors.Metal on buildings like roofs, siding, lintels, flashings, ductwork, cladding etc.
  • Steel construction like pipe racks, piping, towers, supports etc. Storage tank exteriors like gas, oil, grain etc.
  • Equipment like harbor cranes, truck bodies, salt spreaders etc. Lighthouses. Duplex coating for galvanized steel.
  • Bolt clusters. Cables and other flexible substrates. Steel reinforcing in concrete (repairs only) Joints between steel and concrete

OPTIRUSTBUSTA is a single component waterborne heavy duty, high build, anti-corrosion, elastomeric coating for industrial applications. OPTIRUSTBUSTA forms a highly elastic seamless waterproof barrier applicable for interior and exterior applications.

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